pam rogers

Mrs. Pam Rogers
Musical Director

Pam Rogers brings a wealth of knowledge of cultural music traditions, an extensive history of participation with choral groups, songwriting and a family tradition of music and singing to the Wesley music ministries. Pam has served as musical director for cultural programs at the Smithsonian Institution American History Museum’€™s Program in African American Culture. She is also the director of an a cappella women’s ensemble In Process€, which performs an extensive repertoire of Freedom Songs and songs of struggle. She is a social and environmental justice activist supporting human rights by lending her voice in support whenever possible.

As our congregation embraces an international community from around the world, this is also reflected in the Music Ministry of Wesley UMC. The music department is composed of musicians, “The Wesley Combo,” which includes Mike Wheaton on piano, Vince Stroman on drums, Walt Heber on Bass, Sarah Ousley on French Horn and a small group of dedicated singers and young people. Our music “Rocks”! Encompassing spirituals, hymns, gospel, jazz with a Latin emphasis, classical and contemporary Christian, and many original compositions, we strive to be inclusive. Our goal is to expand our multi-lingual music so that the music of Wesley church is as welcoming as the people. The music ministry supports the prayer life of the church through a quarterly prayer brunch and produces the monthly Jazz@Wesley event. Come and get food for the body and the soul. The choir meets for rehearsal at 10:00 am every Sunday before service in the sanctuary and after service on designated Sundays from 12:30-1:30 pm. All are welcome to join us.