We would love for you to join us.

Please call or email us if you have questions or for more information :

Pastor Kate Murphey
phone : 202-363-4900 x110
email : kmurphey@nationalchurch.org

Church Office
phone : 202-966-5144
email : info@wesleydc.org

We’re delighted you’re interested in joining us! We strive to be a community that takes our partnership with God seriously, focusing our partner work on extending radical hospitality, transforming lives, and pursuing justice. We hope that the process outlined below will help you more fully understand what we are about as Christians and how we apply that in our personal and communal lives as The Metropolitan Church. If you have questions or concerns about any of these steps, or are ready to jump into the process, please complete our online form (pdf version) or contact Rev. Kate Murphey.

  1. Meet with Pastor Kate
  2. Get connected with a shepherd (who will check in on you, answer questions, help get you connected with other members and programs)
  3. Come to Join the Journey small group for 8 weeks
    ◦    Sunday morning 10:10am hour in the Vestry at Metropolitan led by Barbara Gaskill and Caralee Adams
    ◦    Wednesday evenings at 7pm in the library at Wesley (5312 Connecticut Ave. NW) led by Janet Burkhart and Pastor Kate Murphey
  4. Practice the membership vows you will be making
    ◦    Prayers—lead the group in prayer to open or close the small group and pray with another participant (either during the small group as noted above in the schedule or at a time you set up)
    ◦    Presence—worship with each of our communities—the 9am and 11:15am services at Metropolitan, 11am at Wesley, 5:30pm at Crossroads, one service with our sister parish Brighter Day ministries in SE, and one service with the AU Wesley Foundation
    ◦    Gifts—commit to sacrificial giving with a goal of tithing. Read through and discuss the current stewardship materials with a pastor, foundation trustee, or finance committee member. (There will also be a time for this discussion in the small group itself, but if you miss that session, this is a way to make it up.)
    ◦    Service—Volunteer with one Campus Kitchen shift to recover food, prep it, or deliver it to one of our partner organizations. Or Volunteer to cook and eat a meal with the guys in our St. Luke’s transitional shelter or Metropolitan House.
    ◦    Witness—be comfortable sharing with the group why you are a Christian and live the way you do—what difference it has made and what difference you are working to make.
  5. Meet again with Pastor Kate to set a Sunday to join!
  6. Continue to join us on this journey of discipleship, rounding out the last 8 weeks of the Join the Journey small group, and plugging into any of our various ministries
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